99¢ Only Store Date



99 Cent Only strore diplay windowThrifty Romeos and Juliets know that you don't have to spend a fortune to create a perfect date.  Just go to your local 99¢ Only store!  You can purchase everything you need for a memorable outing for just a few dollars.  So if you're feeling creative and goofy, a visit to the 99¢ Only store could be the start of a fabulous date.

The store frontJust set aside some money to spend such as $5 dollars, $10 dollars, or all the quarters in your change jar.  Go to your local 99¢ Only store and choose food items. (For eating.)  Then choose toy, craft, or other items.  (For an activity.) 

Toy display at the 99 Cents Only storeFor example, you might purchase:
Two Hot Pockets ......... $.99
Microwave popcorn ..... $.99
The most interesting DVD from their limited collection...... $.99.
Total                                $2.97 + tax

Or buy sidewalk chalk..... $.99
A foam football.................. $.99
Apples................................ $.99
Pretzels. ............................ $.99
Total                                   $3.96 + tax
Take your goods to the nearest park for some tossing, artwork, and snacking.

Chipsand other snack food at the 99 Cent Only StoreFor the cost of a fast food dinner, you can buy all the supplies you need to wash your cars, to write love letters, to plant a flower garden, or to make a meal.  There are hundreds of possibilities.  Be creative, have fun, and spend a perfect day together while spending hardly a thing!

The parking lot and store front
Our 99¢ Only Store on the corner of Thomas Rd and Hayden Rd

There are 99¢ Only Only Stores everywhere in Phoenix.  For locations and hours, visit www.99only.com.  If you can't find a 99 Cent Only store, any dollar store will do.

A shopping cart at the 99 Cent Only Store

Add even more pizzaz to this date.  Get supplies for lunch or dinner and go on a picnic to an unusual destination such as the Phoenix bat cave or  Sahauro Ranch Park.

Another Date Idea