Arizona Science Center



Nature encounter at the Science Center Your last visit to the Arizona Science Center was probably as a school boy or girl on a field trip.  If you had fun then, you will have fun now!  It is a creative setting for a invigorating date.  

The hands-on exhibits keep you entertained and engaged.  The "educational" exhibits help you learn more about your date.   Find out how quickly your date  will age, discover a few of his or her genetic quirks, and see how daring he or she is!

Here are some of the other fun things you can do:

A person lying on a bed of nails.








1.  Lie on a bed of nails.
Face distortion







2.  Distort your features on a giant screen.

A drum played by a heart beat







3.  Play a drum with your heart.

If that is not enough to keep you entertained, there are puzzles, a giant tug-of-war, and Mind Wars- you control your game piece with your brain waves.  You can experience hurricane winds, the heat of a wild fire, and the rocking of an earth quake.  Pedal a bike and power a light bulb.  Crawl through a giant stomach.  The list goes on.... 


The Science Center is open from 10 am to 5 pm, everyday except Christmas and Thanksgiving.  Tickets are $18 each.  There are addtional fees for special exibihits, the IMAX, and the planetarium. 

The Science Center is a popular field trip destination, so if you go during the day, you may have to manuever through groups of school children.  If you prefer to explore with adults, visit on the second Friday of each month.  The Science Center is open for adults only from 5:30pm to 9pm.  Admission is discounted and there are extra activities and food and bevergaes available for purcase.  Regular fees apply to watch an IMAX or visit a special exhibit.


$$$  Money Saving Tip  $$$

The AZ Science Center participates in the Culture Pass Program.  "Check out" two free tickets from your local library!

You can also visit CREATE! on First Fridays for  free.

Energy display at the AZ Science Center
The Science Center is full of educational exhibits.  You will not only have a great time, you will learn fascinating new facts!

Pedal power display at the AZ Science Center
If you visit the right exhibits, you can even get some exercise!

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