Black Mountain Trail



You've heard of Camelback Mountain and Piestewa Peak, but Phoenix has many other fantastic trails. 

View from the top of Black Mountain Trail

One challenging, but oh-so-rewarding trail is Black Mountain Trail.  It begins off Schoolhouse Road in Cave Creek, and climbs 1.25 miles up (what else?) Black Mountain.  Be ready for a vigourous climb, but there are lots of places to rest and take in the views.   As on any hike, take plenty of water and let someone know where you are going.

Climbing Balck Mountain Trail.  Wear good shoes.

At the summit, there are stunning 360 degree views of Phoenix and the surrounding area. We've hiked a lot of Phoenix trails, and have yet to find views to rival these.  If you enjoy hiking, and haven't tried this trail, it is a must.  And Outdoors lover- this would be a memorable place to propose; it feels like the world is under your feet! 

 View while climbing Black Mountian Trail

To get to the road, go north on Cave Creek Road, (exit 28 on the 101) for about 11 miles. Turn right on School House Road. Continue on for about 1/4 mile, and you will see the area where you park along side the road. Just start walking up the road from there.

The turn off to Black Mountain Trails        The parking area at Balck Mountain Trail Head
            The turn-off.                                            The parking area, looking back from the trail.

The jeep road section of Black Mountain Trail
Towards the beginning of the trail.  (This is the easy section)

Watch to you left for a sign that marks were the trail forks off from the road.  Don't worry too much about missing the fork.  If you follow the road all the way to the end, it dead ends onto the trail a little bit higher up.  In fact, we like to follow the road as far as we can on the way up, and then follow the trail section on the way back down. 

The sign marking the beginning of Black Mountain Trail
The sign marking where you leave the road and begin the trail.

Feet on the trail showing how steep and rocky it is

The trail quickly becomes steep and rocky.  Don't give up!  It is worth it!

Looking down on the trail from a palce near the top

You will get a work-out. but the trail isn't terribly long and you will enjoy beautiful views all the way up.  Watch out for the false summit, though!  It tricks us every time.

The view of Phoenix from the top of Balck Mountain

View of Phoenix from the summit.

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