A fish in Cabela's aquarium.When temperatures soar and your favorite hiking trails become too hot to traverse, head to Cabela's for a sporting date.   This massive store, with its wildlife displays and gear, will keep you entertained.   It's a perfect non-typical date destination for an outdoors loving couple.

A stuffed elephant in Cabela's big game collection.Browse cool outdoor gear amid equally cool wildlife displays.  In fact, the wildlife displays alone are worth a visit.  The collection includes creatures you've probably seen in the wild, such as deer, elk, and prarie dogs, and creatures you probably haven't seen in the wild such as an elephant, a polar bear, and wolves.

A game display at Cabela's.

A black bear in Cabela's game display.Deer in Cabela's museum.

When you've finished viewing the animals, make your way upstairs to the "shooting range."  For $.25 you can fire laser rifles.  See who is the best shot!  If you are hungry, there is a cafe which serves standard cafe fare but also exotic bison, boar, and elk entrees.  For dessert, try homemade fudge from the country store.

The laser shooting gallery at Cabela's.Don't forget to walk through the aquarium.  And yes, we already mentioned the sporting equipment, but seriously, with 160,000 square feet, Cabela's contains gear for just about every outdoor sport.  We often spend between one and two hours browsing.  You will find items you never knew existed!

A buffalo head on display.Check out their website for information on special events and workshops.  There is usually something going on every weekend.  Cabela's is located in the Westgate area of Glendale.  It is open from 9 - 9 on Monday -Saturday and 9 -7  on Sunday. 

If you live in the east valley, Cabela's might be a long drive.  Visit Bass Pro Shop, near the junction of the 101 and 202, for a similar experience.

9380 W. Glendale Ave.
Glendale, AZ 85305

A grizzly bear and a moose in the Canyon Country Museum at Cabela'sThe Canyon Country Museum

Parts of the fishing and outdoor apparel section.
Fishing and outdoor apparel in Cabela's

Entry to Cabela's aquarium.
There is even a small aquarium!

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