Frisbee Golf at Vista Del Camino Park



A frisbee in a disc golf hole.Experts say that playing golf is the most bonding outdoor activity.  At least, I think I heard someone say that.  But golf is expensive.  You need clubs, and carts, and special shoes. 

The sign for Vista del Camino Park.So why not bond with a game of frisbee golf instead?  Wear whatever you are wearing.  Two frisbees cost two dollars.  We know.  That is how much we spent for ours at the 99 Cent Only Store.

A sign marking the frisbee golf course. The frisbee golf course is located in Vista Del Camino Park, on the north side of Roosevelt Street. Roosevelt Street is not a main street.   It is about 1/2 mile south of McDowell Road and you can access it from either Hayden or Scottsdale Road.  Note:  If you don't live near Vista Del Camino Park, there are other frisbee golf courses in Phoenix.  Visit to find one near you.

There is a sign that marks the beginning of the golf course and rules.  We read the rules but we also made some up as we went along.  The "tee" for each hole is clearly marked with a sign.  The "holes" aren't hard to find, either.

A frisbee golf tee

A frisbee golf hole

Our frisbee tossing competition was good for conversation, exercise, and fun.  The park is full of rare-in-Phoenix features such as grass, large trees, and flowing water.  There are picnic areas so bring some snacks or a lunch to enjoy when you've complete your golf game.  It is not a bad idea to bring a water bottle, either.

A path, a tee off pad, and two tall trees

Vista del Camino Park
7700 E Roosevelt St
Scottsdale, AZ

A frisbee flying through the air

A sidewalk and a pond on the frisbee golf course

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