Geocaching- a game in which the object is to find items (caches) deposited by other players by using GPS navigation.

Our GPS device for our adventurous geocaching dateTo join the game, register for a free account at  Once you are a member, you can access a list of all the geocaches in your area.  We were surprised at just how many caches there are; there were several within a mile of our home.  There are hundreds more in parking lots, parks, and yards all across Phoenix.

For our first geocaching attempt, we chose a near-by target.  We entered the coordinates into our GPS, scanned Google Maps to get a general idea for the location, and then walked out our front door and started looking. 

Walking along a wash on our geocaching date    Searching for the cache

We found the cache pretty quickly.  This particular cache said you could trade out a small toy, but sadly, the toy we brought along was far too big.  An amateur mistake.  We did, however, have occasion to avoid "mugglers!"

We find the cache on our geocaching date

Our geocaching date was quick and fun.  It took no planning, and we got some exercise and saw a lovely sunset.  There are so many caches, in such a variety of places, this could be an enjoyable date for anyone.  If you have a GPS, give it a try!  (Many new cell phones have a GPS built in.)

We enjoyed the sunset on our adventurous geocaching date

Another Date Idea

  • For a classy, cultural date, visit Scottsdale on Thursday night. The art galleries are open from seven to nine for the Scottsdale Artwalk.