The trampolines at JumpstreetJumpstreet is trampoline lover's paradise, and is a perfect destiantion for a goofy, active, fun date!  Jumpstreet features a huge room with rows of trampolines from wall to wall, and even on the walls. 

Jumping at JumpstreetThere is a dodgeball court, a foam ball court, and a giant maze.  There are  concession and arcade machines as well.  We had mixed feeling about our date to Jumpstreet, so we put together a handy list of the pluses and minues:

Leaping, flipping people at JumpstreetUpsides of a date to Jumpstreet:
1.  Goofy, creative, wild date.
2.  You get a workout.
3.   Bouncing off walls is fun.
4.   You can show off your backflip skills.

Downsides of a date to Jumpstreet:

1.  You might feel silly.
2.  You get a workout. (When did you last try jumping for an hour?)
3.   Most of the people there are under 18.
4.   We don't have backflip skills.

The trampolines at Jumpstreet
Not sure:

1.  Loud colours & loud music!
2.  Sweat pants and bare feet?

Colorful carpet at Jumpstreet

So... is Jumpstreet the perfect date for you?  You will have to decided.  There are two Arizona locations,  one in Chandler and one in Glendale.  The cost is $8-$10 per hour.  Outside food and drinks aren't allowed.  Lockers are an additional $.50.

455 E. Warner Rd
Chandler, AZ

5665 W. Bell Glendale
AZ 85306

Although the photos are from Jumpstreet, there are other trampoline parks in Phoenix.  SkyZone, Krazy Air, and FlipDunk Sports have similar set-ups.  They might be located closer to you.

The front area of Jumpstreet

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