Pioneer Village



Historic victorian house in Pioneer VillagePioneer Village is spread over 90 acres in north Phoenix. Historic homes and shops nestle around a village green. Many of these are actual houses and buildings from old time Arizona, and others are authentic reproductions.

Window in the old fort and Pioneer VillageOn the outer edges of the park, there is a fort, farm, ranching complex, and miner's shack which are tributes to the importance of mining, ranching, and farming in the development of Arizona.

The schoolhouse at Pioneer VillageIn the village itself, there is a dress maker's shop, a blacksmith shop, a bank, a print shop, and a tonsorial parlor, (a combination dentist and barber shop!) and more.  It really is like strolling down an old street, with shops and homes all around. 

Inside the miner's shackYou can examine all the building from the outside, and some of them from the inside. Usually, there is a costumed guide in at least one of the buildings who can tell you all about life in frontier Arizona. We watched the blacksmith make nails and horseshoes.

A mock graveyard in Pioneer VillageThe dress shopThere is a lot to see. We were fascinated by the construction of the buildings and the ingenuity of the settlers.  So we visited almost every display and read all the plaques.  It took us three hours to tour the village, moving at a leisurely pace. 

The Village is undergoing construction to add new sidewalks, water fountains, and restrooms.  However, it is a good idea to wear sturdy shoes and take along water if you visit on a warm day.   You may also want to wear a hat, as most of the trails are not shaded.

Scene from the gun show at Pioneer VillageHours vary based on the season, so check their calendar for up-to-date hours and show times.  It is also worth checking for special events such as fast draw competitions, haunted tours, battle re-enactments and family nights. Admission is $9 per person.




Pioneer Arizona Living History Village

3901 W. Pioneer Road
Phoenix, AZ 85086


The sheriff's office and gallows in Pioneer VillageThe sheriff's office, gallows, and village green in Pioneer Village.

Pioneer Village will soon have new sidewalks, but meanwhile, the trails are rough in places.

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