Ro Ho En or Japanese Friendship Garden



The waterfall at the Japanese Friendship GardenThe Japanese Friendship Garden, or Ro Ho En, was the joint project of Phoenix and her sister city of Himeji, Japan. The resulting 3 1/2 acre garden is a peaceful setting for a date.  The garden is divided into areas representing  a low grassland, mountains, the seashore, and an island. 

Latern at the Japanese Friendship GardenThere is a koi pond, twelve foot waterfall, a small pine grove and a tea garden.  Walking slowly through the garden is like taking a journey.  Take the self-guided tour brochure to learn about the design and cultural signifigance of the garden as you explore. 

The koi fish at the Japanese Friendship GardenTree and waterfall in Ro Ho En Tickets were $5 each and parking was free.  It took about an hour to wander through the garden at a leisurely pace, so you may wish to pair this date with a meal or other activity.  The garden is open and free on for the First Friday Artwalk, an excellent time to visit and then continue on to the Art Museum or galleries in downtown Phoenix.   Ro Ho En is closed in June, July, August, and September due to the heat. 

If you enjoy your visit to the garden, you may wish to return for a special event.  The garden host tea ceremonies and moon viewings.  There is an additional charge for these events. 



Ro Ho En
1125 North 3rd Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85007

Statue of a Shachi in the Japanese Friendship Garden
The statue of a Shachi

The walk through the pine grove at Ro Ho En
The walk through the pine grove.

A view across the koi pond at Ro Ho En
A view across the Koi pond.

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