See a Movie at the Drive In Theater



Screen and Glendale 9 Drive-inLove movies?  Try the Glendale 9 Drive-in for a fun twist on an ordinary dinner-and-a-movie-date.  Tip back you seats, turn up the radio, and enjoy a double feature in the comfort of your own car.  Tickets are only $7.50.   Best of all, you can bring your own snacks.  Popcorn, hotdogs, or a five course dinner- it’s up to you.  No alcohol is allowed.  

The drive-in is probably our favorite place to see a movie.  It can be such a fun, quirky date or the ultimate relaxing date.  You can dress to impress or wear pajamas, enjoy your favorite foods, and chat or snuggle during the movie.  If you want to add pizzazz, this is a fun date to turn into a theme date.  Pack a dinner or snacks based on your feature film.  Or try a fifties theme and share hamburgers and a milk shake before the show.

Sceren in the daytimeKeep in mind that the screen quality won't be as good as a theater, so movies with lots of motion and speed won't be as enjoyable from a techinical standpoint.  Also, the sound is a good as the sound system in your car.  If you don't want to pack your own snacks, the theater has concession stands, with the usual selection of treats, and the usual high prices.  For show times, visit .

$ Money Saving Tip $

 Every Tuesday is family fun night. Tickets are only $5.25 per adult.

The Glendale Nine
5650 N. 55th Ave.
Glendale, AZ      
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Hint:  Wash your windshield before you go!

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