Snowfall at Tempe Marketplace



A lighted tree beside an outdoor fireplace in Tempe MarketplaceTempe Marketplace glitters all winter long.   Lights sparkle, fountains splash, and fires crackle.  And from late November until Christmas, snow falls every night at 7 pm and again at 8 pm.

The snow falling in front of a huge Christmas tree.To watch the flakes flutter, just be near the big stage any night at either 7 or 8 pm.  The snow will fall for about five minutes and then melt away.  The snowfall is magical, but brief, so you will want to add other activites.  Don't worry!  Chic restaurants offer dinners and drinks.  Shops are open and filled with holiday goods.  Cozy seating areas are scattered about, some near outdoor fireplaces or fountains.
Two chairs, lights, and a space heater,We went early, dined, and did a little window shopping and bookstore browsing before watching the snowfall.  You could have drinks, ice cream, do some serious Christmas shopping, or watch a movie at the Harkins Theater.

Snowflaling in front of lights at the snowfall in Tempe Marketplace.


Tempe Marketplace
2000 East Rio Salado Parkway 
Tempe, AZ 85281

A shop window decorated for the holidays
Share some treats or just enjoy the displays.

A walkway and a seating area

Lights and chairs beside an outdoor fireplace.

A fountain and a fireplace

Water and fire.

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