A Walk in Encanto Park



The bridges in Encanto ParkAre you looking for a simple, sweet way to share an evening?  Plan a romantic date strolling through Encanto Park in Central Phoenix.  The park boasts 80 acres of lawn, a large lagoon, and picturesque landscaping. 

The hungry ducks in Encanto ParkIt is a lovely setting for some  romantic hand-holding.  If either of you is a shutter bug, bring a camera.

On our date to Encanto Park, we just walked and talked, but if that isn't exciting enough for you, there are plenty of activities available.   Rent a paddle boat or canoe from the historic boathouse.  Bring a pole and a license and try your luck at urban fishing.  Pack a soccer ball or a volleyball and  work in some invigorating practice time.

You can also visit Enchanted Island Amusement Park.  Adults can ride the carousel, train, or the parachute tower for around $6 each.  Of course, you can always swing on the swings, though you may have to compete with the local children for a seat.

The Original Hamburger WorksThis is a good date to combine with a picnic or a dinner out.   We ate the Original Hamburger Works at 2801N. 15th Ave and we can recommend it.  The atmosphere was rustic and informal.  A tasty 1/2 lb. hamburger was only $6.00.  

They also offered smaller hamburgers, chicken and fish sandwiches, and a salad bar.  There was a full condiment bar, and a choice of three seating areas:  a restaurant, and bar, and a small patio.  Smoking was allowed on the patio.




Encanto Park
1202 West Encanto Boulevard
Phoenix AZ  85073         
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The paddle boat pond in Encanto Park

You can paddle boat here!

Feral cat feeding station in Encanto Park

Cat lovers- the park offers a unique volunteer opportunity!

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